About Us


  • Serve hot food hot
  • Serve cold food cold
  • Don’t serve anything you wouldn’t eat yourself
  • Treat others the way you’d want to be treated

When we adhere to these simple standards, we ensure that we’ll meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and in turn, achieve success.

Our Philosophy

Who We Are

We do real events for real people! Our goal is to give you the best possible price without compromising the integrity of our food.

We’ve built our business model around the idea of keeping our overhead costs low and focusing on service so that we can give our customers the greatest value for their hard-earned dollar. We are a locally owned and operated company, meaning you can always expect a prompt reply and you will never get lost in the shuffle.

With a team of 30 employees and almost 40 years of food and beverage experience, we can handle multiple events on a single day with numbers ranging from 20 to over 1000.

What Sets Us Apart

Simple Approach From the initial quote to the actual event, we will never unnecessarily overcomplicate the process.

No temporary staffing We’ve carefully assembled a friendly, versatile, and professional team

Budget Friendly We can custom-tailor menus to your specific needs and budget.

Complimentary TastingsWe offer complimentary tastings for qualifying events.

Fully licensed and Insured As required by most locations

The Crazy Dutchman

Hans’s family is from Holland and he moved back and forth between Holland and Delaware when he was a kid. He moved to Charleston in the 80’s because a parent’s friend needed a dog sitter. Around that time, he picked up a dish-washing job at the 10-month old Cisco’s Café. He always wanted to be in business for himself and really loved Charleston, so he ended up owning Cisco’s and running it until it closed in 2009. Along the way, Hans started Crazy Dutchman Catering, and enjoys the more diversified day that it brings compared to the day-to-day restaurant life. When he’s not at work (which is rare), he’s with his two rescue pit mixes, Fergalicious & Boo.